The new Code of public contracts in the perspective of smart cities

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Hybrid event - Room AS01 - Via Roentgen 1 - floor -2

Almost seven years after its entry into force, Legislative Decree 50/2016 gives way to the new Code of public contracts, the approval of which, strongly desired by the professional world, has nevertheless matured under the pressure of certain specific reform objectives of the discipline required above all by the so-called Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR). The new Code (Legislative Decree 36/2023) has systematically reorganized the matter by extending, in particular, digitization to the entire life cycle of the contract and giving centrality to numerous general principles. The aim of this workshop is to provide a quick but careful look at the new discipline from a theoretical but above all practical-operational point of view, with particular regard to the aspects of greatest interest for the development of the smart city, such as simplification, digitization, public-private collaboration, and procurement in the cultural sector. Thanks to the intervention of authoritative scholars and professionals of the sector on the one hand, and public institutions and companies on the other, the Smart City Observatory intends, once again, to give life to an extremely topical debate, offering a profitable moment training aimed at delivering visions, opportunities and reliable interpretations of the new discipline to anyone who is interested in it.