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AULA 12 - Via Sarfatti, 25
University Bocconi
Decarbonisation of heating and cooling supplies systems at urban level

Workshop organized by Smart City Observatory

Aula Magna Gobbi - Via Gobbi 5
The innovation of the european policy framework for the sustainable transition and the impacts on the competitiveness of businesses - 10 years of the Green Economy Observatory
Room 13, via Sarfatti 25, Milan
Water as a energy resource: geothermal energy in the Smart City

The workshop will delve into the economic, social and environmental benefits and the main regulatory, technological and business aspects necessary for the implementation of geothermal solutions, considering barriers and enabling factors.

Auditorium GSE – Roma
via Maresciallo Pilsudski, 92
Prospects and role of biomethane in the energy transition

Biomethane can play an important role in decarbonisation both in transport, both in gaseous and liquid form, as well as in other sectors where it is difficult to reduce CO2 emissions through electrification.
The Conference intends to present the results of the activity carried out by the Renewable Gas Observatory (OGR) and the evolutionary perspectives of biomethane, also in the light of the new incentive schemes.


Del Buono
De Paoli


Cariplo Factory - via Bergognone 34, Milano

Presentation of findings of the project INHALE

Hybrid event - Room AS01 - Via Roentgen 1 - floor -2
The new Code of public contracts in the perspective of smart cities

The aim of this workshop is to provide a quick, but careful look at the new discipline from a theoretical but above all practical-operational point of view, with particular regard to the aspects of greatest interest for the development of the smart city, such as simplification, digitization, public-private collaboration, and procurement in the cultural sector.

Room 14 via Sarfatti 25, 1st floor
The National Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change impacts and measures for prevention and management

Hybrid workshop organized by the Green Economy Observatory

Hybrid event - Seminar Room AS01, via Roentgen 1, -2 floor and online
The urban dimension in cohesion policies and EU programming 2021-2027

The event intends to represent a comparison between the political institutions and the business world in order to share strategies, programs and objectives deriving from the analysis of the main Structural Funds dedicated to the policies of the future city, which clearly represent or could represent concrete opportunities for structural change and for the technological development of our country.

Room N07, Velodromo, p.zza Sraffa 13
Ecodesign, Environmental Footprint, Corporate Sustainability Reporting, and Greenwashing. The New EU Directives

The conference, organized by GEO - Green Economy Observatory of the GREEN Center and by the SuM - Sustainability Management Laboratory of the Sant'Anna School of Pisa as part of the Life MAGIS (Made Green in Italy Scheme) project, will focus on some key issues for the competitiveness of companies in the wake of the ecological transition, in our country and in the EU, with particular attention to aspects relating to the design of "green" products and to marketing and communication strategies capable of avoiding the risk of greenwashing.

Seminar Room AS02, Via Roentgen 1, floor -2
Open data and interoperability in the Smart City ecosystem

Interoperability, i.e. the ability of networks, systems and solutions to exchange information and communicate effectively, is one of the key elements in smart cities. The interoperability platforms make it possible to systematize the databases of institutions and companies with a view to collaboration and integration.
The workshop aims to explore the benefits and development potential of interoperability platforms and open data in both the public and private sectors.