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Hybrid event - Seminar Room AS01, via Roentgen 1, -2 floor and online
The urban dimension in cohesion policies and EU programming 2021-2027

The event intends to represent a comparison between the political institutions and the business world in order to share strategies, programs and objectives deriving from the analysis of the main Structural Funds dedicated to the policies of the future city, which clearly represent or could represent concrete opportunities for structural change and for the technological development of our country.

Room N07, Velodromo, p.zza Sraffa 13
Ecodesign, Environmental Footprint, Corporate Sustainability Reporting, and Greenwashing. The New EU Directives

The conference, organized by GEO - Green Economy Observatory of the GREEN Center and by the SuM - Sustainability Management Laboratory of the Sant'Anna School of Pisa as part of the Life MAGIS (Made Green in Italy Scheme) project, will focus on some key issues for the competitiveness of companies in the wake of the ecological transition, in our country and in the EU, with particular attention to aspects relating to the design of "green" products and to marketing and communication strategies capable of avoiding the risk of greenwashing.

Seminar Room AS02, Via Roentgen 1, floor -2
Open data and interoperability in the Smart City ecosystem

Interoperability, i.e. the ability of networks, systems and solutions to exchange information and communicate effectively, is one of the key elements in smart cities. The interoperability platforms make it possible to systematize the databases of institutions and companies with a view to collaboration and integration.
The workshop aims to explore the benefits and development potential of interoperability platforms and open data in both the public and private sectors.

Room 42, via Sarfatti 25
The decarbonisation of the plastics supply chain

Italy is the second largest consumer of plastic in Europe: in 2020 5.9 million tons of plastic were consumed in our country, equal to almost 100 kg per person. Plastics are used in many applications, including packaging (which covers 42% of the national plastic consumption), construction and automotive.
The main solutions for decarbonising the plastics supply chain include reducing consumption, increasing recycling rates, replacing fossil raw materials with vegetable ones. These solutions involve significant choices in the policies, management models and behavior of the operators.
The workshop will allow a comparison with representatives of academia, the public and private sector, institutions and civil society on the principles and next steps for a strategy for decarbonising the plastics supply chain.

Defining the Urban Agenda for Sustainable Development

In the event, the results of the research project coordinated by GREEN Bocconi and carried out with Università degli Studi di Roma Tre will be presented. The project has been financed by the Italian Ministery of Ecological Transition.

Hybrid event - Room 11, via Sarfatti 25
Innovating urban mobility for the sustainability: the contribution of Mobility as a Service

Mobility as a service (MaaS - Mobility as a Service) allows the integration of various forms of transport in a mobility service accessible on request through digital platforms.
The meeting will involve transport managers, public transport operators, and experts from
mobility to discuss possible innovations towards more sustainable urban mobility.

Hybrid event - room N07, Velodromo, P.zza Sraffa 13
Cities and rural areas: food chains need to be redesigned

The constant urbanization requires a profound rethinking of the food chains that
they must be able to produce quality food while reducing their ecological impact.
The workshop tackles the issue from different points of view and proposes successful experiences in the current Italian context.

Hybryd event - Room 42, via Sarfatti 25, Milan
Sustainability is/and: materials' price increase and public procurement

Hybrid workshop organized by the Observatory on Public Procurement and Sustainability, GREEN.

Hybrid event - room 204, Via Sarfatti 25, Milan
Sustainability is/and - ecosystem services in the circular economy

Hybrid workshop organized by the Observatory on Public Procurement and Sustainability, GREEN.

Behaviors as a lever of the ecological transition

The modification of individual behaviors is one of the most relevant dimensions for the ecological transition, capable to modify the demand for consumer products / services in a logic of greater efficiency in the use of resources and sustainability. During the meeting, policies, strategies and measures aimed at triggering virtuous behavior in a plurality of sectors will be explored.