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Alberto Bramanti (born in 1958) is Associate Professor of Applied Economics (since 2002) at Bocconi University, Department of Social and Political Sciences, where he teaches Cities and Regions: Managing Growth and Change; Economics and Policy of Global Markets; Scenari Economici. Since 2013 he has been on the Editorial Board of the ‘Review of Public Administration and Management’ and since 2017 he has been a Fellow of the Regional Studies Association. He has been involved in different international research programs. 2015-2017: Senior Expert "ERTMS on SATELLITE, Enabling Application Validation", Bocconi University Partner. 2015-2017: Senior Expert "STARS, Satellite Technology for Advanced Railway Signalling", Bocconi University Partner. 2017-2019: Senior Expert "Ensuring Unity and Respect as Outcomes for the People of Europe – EUROPE", Erasmus+ Project, Utrecht University Partner. The eight main fields of his interest on which he has spent years in studying and researching activities are the following. They are strongly inter-linked and mutually reinforcing: 1. Trans-border co-operation and internationalization courses; 2. Handicraft, analysis and sectoral policies; 3. Development models, territorial analysis, districts and milieux; 4. Regional policies, “governance structures” and policies evaluation; 5. Technical tools of analysis and quantitative methodologies; 6. Urban and service economics, commerce and tourism; 7. Human capital, vocational training and educational success; 8. ICTs, knowledge economy and creativity. He has edited/authored 25 books, 30 journal articles including: Canadian Journal of Regional Science, Entrepreneurship & Regional Development, International Small Business Journal, Public Policy Portuguese Journal, Quaderns de Tecnologia, Revue d’Économie régionale et Urbaine, Revue Internazionale PME, Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes, and 145 book chapters.