Behaviors as a lever of the ecological transition

Image of Economic evaluation of the social benefits of district heating in Italy and Lombardy
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The modification of individual behaviors is one of the most relevant dimensions for the ecological transition, capable of modifying the demand for consumer products / services in a logic of greater efficiency in the use of resources and sustainability. Policies that act on the demand side can allow the achievement of relevant objectives in different sectors, although they are often overshadowed. Businesses can also contribute to changing consumption choices, by acting on pricing and, more generally, on the differentiation of the offer based on sustainability criteria. Correct information on the characteristics of the products / services and on the forms of pricing and the more general pricing mechanisms, as well as the introduction of innovative tools based on rewarding and gamification, is subject to experimentation and analysis, in particular, in the utilities and of transport, despite having a wider application potential.
During the meeting, policies, strategies and measures aimed at triggering virtuous behavior in a plurality of sectors will be explored.

Marco Percoco, Direttore GREEN - Università Bocconi

Edoardo Croci, Coordinatore Tavolo Policy Osservatorio Green Economy – GREEN Università Bocconi

Andrea Alemanno, Principal - Ipsos Strategy3
Lorenzo Bertuccio, Presidente – Associazione Euromobility
Valentina Bosetti, Professoressa ordinaria di Economia Ambientale e Economia dei Cambiamenti Climatici - Università Bocconi
Anna Castiglione, Ricercatrice in Psicologia Climatica – Aronlab, Università della California, San Diego
Andrea Lanuzza, General Manager Operations – Gruppo CAP
Giovanni Perrone, Chief Executive Officer – ACEL Energia

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