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Miriam Allena is an Associate Professor at Bocconi University, teaching environmental law, global administrative law and administrative law. She was Associate Research Fellow at the CSLS (Centre for Socio Legal Studies) of the University of Oxford (2015-2017) and Visiting Scholar at the Law School of the UC Berkeley (2019), where she also served as a board member of the Postdoc Teaching Opportunities Program (PTOP), at the NYU (2010), at Trinity College of Dublin (2010 and 2018), and at the Université Montesquieux of Bordeaux (2009-2010). She published two books and more than 70 scientific contributions in international and Italian academic journals. She served as a member of the working group within the Ministry of Public Administration set up to prepare the decrees implementing Law 124/2015 (s.c. 'Reform of the Italian Public Administration') (2015), and as a consultant of the Joint Program 'Policy responses to climate change: sustainable development and energy transition. Supporting Ethiopia in implementing and monitoring INDCs’ (Res4Africa and Italian Ministry of the Environment) (2018). From the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic she has been invited several times at the Senate of the Italian Republic to discuss legislative bills in administrative law matters.