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Lombardy, deciding all by itself, risks crashing
In the most covid-19 affected region, Governor Fontana takes zigzag, contradictory and in splendid isolation from the national context initiatives. The most recent is an app to track only the citizens of its territory. A nonsense, states Professor Polo in an article for
Interview to Marco Percoco by TG Leonardo
The new Coronavirus also affects the consumption of energy
The terrible tragedy caused by the spread of the coronavirus epidemic is affecting significantly the performance of the Italian economy with the reduction in consumption of goods and services. Among these, the consumption of energy is no exception.
Special Issue on GREEN in Via Sarfatti 25
GREEN Working Paper Nr. 7 covered by La Stampa and the New York Times
Maurizio Malpede awarded as Best Doctoral Dissertation in Environmental and Resource Economics
Open lab - Made Green in Italy
OPEN LAB of the project SMART Interreg
The candidates expected to take over Alitalia have withdrawn. The Italian company is undermined by increasing losses.
Article with Oliviero Baccelli for Le Monde
From production to consumption, 5.6 million tons of surplus food are produced every year in Italy
According to a study Green Bocconi for Metro Italia, 57% of food surplus is generated by the initial part of the supply chain: producers, distributors and catering operators; 43% by end consumers.
Official side event COP25
Official side event of COP25 co-organized within the Urban GreenUp project.

Prof. Oliviero Baccelli speaks about the bridge over the Strait of Messina