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Observatory on Indoor Air Quality

The Observatory on Indoor Air Quality (OQAI) stems from the collaboration between GREEN research center and the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences of the University of Milan-Bicocca.

The topic, which has been so far overshadowed by the more general issue of ambient air quality, became particularly topical, also from an economic point of view, after the pandemic that emphasized its relevance across all economic sectors such as hotels, means of transport, offices, schools, hospitals, retail and leisure premises, industries.

Recently, the World Health Organization revised its Air Quality Guidelines, indicating for the first time that the stated pollutants concentration limits are also referred to internal air and the European Energy Performance Building Directive was amended with several references to indoor air quality requirements, setting in this way the prodromes for a specific regulation of the topic at the European Union level.

The Observatory aspires to create a multidisciplinary research center on air quality in confined spaces in order to contribute to the ongoing international and national policy making process through a stable research activity to be developed with the active participation of the sector's stakeholders and in collaboration with other European Universities.