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Renewable Gas Observatory

The Renewable Gas Observatory aims to be a reference point and a platform for all those stakeholders (companies, associations, institutions, etc.) who are interested in the green evolution of natural gas, with particular attention to the role of biomethane, in view of the circular economy and the use of renewable sources.

 Through the research activity, the Renewable Gas Observatory aims to evaluate:

- the actual production potential of biomethane in Italy, by technology and raw material;

- the costs and limits of biomethane developments and of the different sources used for its production;

- the contribution that the use of biomethane, in gaseous or liquid form (bioLNG), alone or mixed with natural gas, can make to the decarbonisation of the transport sector;

- the impact of the current and evolving regulatory environment;

- the production costs and development prospects of hydrogen and synthetic methane obtained from the surplus of renewable electricity (Power-to-Gas - P2G)

Research Team

Luigi De Paoli – coordinator

Susanna Dorigoni

Antonio Sileo