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Economics and management in the fields of art and culture

Since 2024 ASK (Art Science and Knowledge) - dedicated to arts and cultural practices, art markets, cultural policies, creative industries and media - was merged into the GREEN research center, in order to deepen and bring to light socioeconomic aspects in interdisciplinary fields. 

The ex Study Centre on the economics and management of the arts and culture has been founded with the aim of carrying out researches in this field and promoting cultural planning and cultural institutions management activities.

The Research area is focused on activities and sectors significantly characterized by the relationship between Arts and Economics, and in particular:

  • Economics, management, conservation and valorization of cultural goods and heritage, artistic and cultural traditions and productions.
  • Economics, management and social promotion of cultural industries, such as publishing, media, and the film industry.
  • Economics, management and valorization of leisure/entertainment and tourism activities.
  • Urban and territorial valorization (Art cities).